About Us

For more than 70 years, Omega National Products (ONP) has been manufacturing some of the worlds most beautiful Antique Mirrors, using silvering techniques passed down for generations.  Our distinctive styles are the ideal alternative to plain clear mirrors.

ONP supplies Antique Mirror to some of the most recognized architectural and design professionals, furniture manufacturers and glass wholesalers.  The vast array of applications for our product includes: architectural wall coverings, furniture inlays, kitchen and bar backsplashes, and framed mirrors.

Omega National Products employs a wealth of talented craftspeople, manufacturing what is likely the most unique mirrors available in the world today.  Made from start to finish in our Louisville, KY factory, our products extend beyond Antique Mirror to include Prisma Mirror Tile and, yes, Mirror Disco Balls!

Antique Mirror wall covering photos featured on the Home page provided by:
Bel Pre Glassworks and River Glass Designs